Mithun Residence

Text Content : Mithun Residence
Location : Neeleshwaram
Area : 3100 sqft
Year of completion : unbuilt

Mithun residence is an elegant family house designed adapting the vernacular design features of Neeleshwaram . The envelope of the house is characterised by exposed laterite walls, tiled roof, wooden doors and windows. The ground floor has a free-flowing plan, the pooja, living, dining and kitchen is separated with little to no partitions. The bay windows in the ground floor overlooking the pond provides a cozy space to enjoy an evening coffee or to read a book.
The living room is a double height space illuminated with lights hanging from the ceiling, it receives views from the family room and the reading space in the first floor. The house is split into 2 blocks with a courtyard in between the public and private spaces. The interiors are designed and spaces are planned prioritising the interests of the family.